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    Unimix Tile Adhesive C1TE
    A cement-based tile adhesive. It is specially formulated from Portland cement. The product is made of selected fine aggregates with some additives to improve its properties whileaying the tiles. It is suitable for walls and floors for exterior and interior tiling surfaces.
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    Unimix Tile Adhesive C2TE
    A flexible cement-based tile adhesive, specially formulated from Portland cement, which is a selected fine aggregate with some additives to improve its properties during the tiling process. Designed for places submerged in water.
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  • K_EPOXY_TG_%282_Comp.%29_%28%208_KG%29
    Epoxy Tile Grout
    Premium quality, two component solvent free epoxy tile grout
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  • UNIMIX%20TILE%20GROUT%20%28TG%29_%285_KG%29
    Unimix TG
    Cementitious tile grout with high abrasion resistance
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