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    Unimix Tile Adhesive C1TE S1
    Polymer-modified, flexible, cementitious, tile adhesive with extended open time used for small format tiles, Porcelain tiles, and submerged applications.
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  • UNIMIX%20TILE%20GROUT%20%28TG%29_%285_KG%29
    Unimix TG Plastic
    High-performance polishable cementitious tile Grout with high abrasion resistance and reduced water absorption for Joint widths up to 5 mm.
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  • K_EPOXY_TG_%282_Comp.%29_%28%208_KG%29
    Epoxy Tile Grout
    Solvent-free, two-component epoxy tile grout. Easy to apply & clean, durable with high abrasion and chemical resistance.
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    Unimix Tile Adhesive C1T
    A cement-based tile adhesive with additives to improve its properties. Suitable for walls and floors for ceramic & small format tiles.
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    Unimix Tile Adhesive C2TES1
    Improved flexible, cementitious, tile adhesive with high bonding strength for Porcelain, large tiles, natural stone and submerged applications.
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