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grc/cement board (8 Products)

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    A waterproofing and carbonation-resistant acrylic paint, suitable for coating old and new exterior walls. Can be applied with high film thickness to hide defects and cracks. High adhesion to concrete surfaces which offers long-term protection in difficult weather circumstances.
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    Unimix SF
    Flexible Superfine & Water-resistant leveling cementitious putty for interior and exterior applications up to 10 mm thicknesses.
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    HB Tex
    Water-based textured exterior paint with waterproofing properties reinforced with smooth-up to rough special fillers available in 3 textures.
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    HB Topcoat
    A waterproofing and anti-carbonation acrylic paint, for old and new exterior walls. high adhesion to concrete surfaces which offers long- term protection.
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    Elastomeric, acrylic Waterproofing & protective coating with excellent strength and UV resistance for concrete or metal protection.
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    2K Flexi
    Two-component highly flexible cementitious waterproofing slurry with crack bridging ability. can withstand high positive water pressure up to 7 bar.
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    2K Plus
    Flexible, two-component crack-bridging cementitious waterproofing for positive water pressure up to 7 bar & negative water pressure up to 5 bar. ideal for treating rising dampness.
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    HB Fiber
    one-component, acrylic waterproofing, UV resistance & fiber-reinforced to enhance the tensile strength to form a tough, and durable layer.
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