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Project References
As a leading company in the industry, we have successfully collaborated with a diverse range of clients on numerous projects leaving an indelible mark. in this section, you will find a chosen collection of our

project references

as we continue to redefine the possibilities of construction chemicals in Jordan.


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SSD condition: What It Is, Why It’s Important?


You may have heard once or twice about needing to bring concrete to SSD conditions. But what is SSD? Why is it an important condition for concrete? And how to achieve it? This is what we will discuss today! To start, what is SSD? SSD i

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What is Waterproofing? Exploring Products Technology


Waterproofing , creates a barrier to prevent water from passing through surfaces that have frequent contact with water, such as foundations, roofs, and walls. So waterproofing materials are one of the most important elements of a building proj

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Rising Dampness and Uniguard's Ultimate Solution


How does raising dampness occur? The cause of rising dampness is groundwater. Usually, it occurs when moisture seeps through the ground and then travels through the walls using ‘capillary action.’ In most cases. The water mainly has salts w

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Liquid-Applied or Torch-Applied Sheet Waterproofing Membrane?


Which is the best waterproofing membrane? Is it the liquid-applied membrane or torch-on sheet membrane? This is a common question asked by engineers, homeowners, and contractors we will know its answer in this article. Firstly

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What are Concrete Admixtures? Different Types and Uses?


To start, the porous nature of concrete is one of the main reasons they are prone to degradation. As a consequence of this porosity, some aggressive chemicals found in water (e.g., chloride ions) may penetrate the concrete. This therefore affects th

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Concrete Joints & different joints sealant Products


What are Concrete Joints & different joints sealant Products?   Joints between construction elements can be found in various elements of a structure, e. g. between precast concrete elements in facades, around windows and doors, between

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