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Tiling FAQs | Technical Support - Uniguard

What is the difference between a C1 & C2 tile adhesive?

C1 classification means normal cementitious tile adhesive & C2 classification means improved cementitious tile adhesive with higher adhesion strength and can be used in conditions requiring higher tile adhesive performance such are large format tiles, outdoor applications, and deformable substrates.

What is the recommended thickness for applying tile adhesive?

the tile adhesive should be applied by a thickness of around 3mm to 6mm.

What size of notched trowel should I use?

The size of the notch impacts the coverage of adhesive on the back of the tile and the unsuitable size of the trowel can cause failure of tile adhesive. for small tiles sizes, it is recommended to use small trowels such as 6mm by 6mm or even 4mm by 4mm. While for large tiles you can use trowel sizes 8mm by 8mm or even 10mm by 10mm. and the right selection is tested by lifting the tile to check adhesive coverage.

What is the best Uniguard tile adhesive for swimming pools?

Unimix Tile Adhesive C2TE can be used for all swimming pools or any submerged applications with ceramic or porcelain tiles. 

What are Uniguard tile adhesives and grouts that can be used outdoors?

Roofs, balconies, terraces and backyards are some of the most common types of outdoor areas that are tiled with various types of tiles which will be exposed to environmental conditions.Uniguard has products designated for outdoor use of tile adhesives like Unimix Tile Adhesive C2TE and tile grouts like Unimix Tile Grout.

What is the best suitable tile adhesive used over waterproofing?

When tiling over flexible cementitious waterproofing, it is best you use a flexible tile adhesive like Unimix Tile Adhesive C2TE.

Which tile grout should I use?

In general, cement-based tile grouts are the most commonly used and are suitable for the vast majority of applications. Unimix Tile Grout can be used with almost all tile types for joints up to 5mm wide.

Why and where should I use epoxy grouts like Uniguard Epoxy Tile Grout?

Use Uniguard Epoxy Tile Grout in areas where hygienic conditions matter & in areas where the tile grout will be subjected to severe forces, loads or constant chemical aggression or cleaning may be found, such as hospitals, schools, kitchens, bathrooms, public parking areas, warehouses.

What causes tile grouts to crack?

Most common causes are the lack of movement joints, movements in the substrate, and the choice of the wrong tile grout for certain applications or faulty product preparation and application practices.