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floor coatings (3 Products)

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  • Uniguard_Epoxy_SL_15KG
    Epoxy SL C
    Colored solvent-free, epoxy self-leveling floor topping. for medium and heavy-duty applications, can be applied at thicknesses up to 4 mm
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    PU Topcoat
    Two-component colored aliphatic polyurethane top coat, non-yellowing, designed to resist chemicals, abrasion, impact, and sun damage. aggregate can be 'broadcast' evenly over the surface to make it non slip.
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  • K-UNIGUARD_EPOXY_SL_(2 Comp.)_( 15 KG )
    Epoxy SL
    Clear solvent-free two-component, self-leveling epoxy coating. used as primer & sealer for Resinous flooring systems, and for bonding fresh to hardened concrete.
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