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sealants and adhesives (6 Products)

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  • UNIGUARD_U-FIX_SILICONE_N_%28300_gr%29
    U-Fix Silicone N
    Odor-free, and anti-mold neutral cure silicone sealant. non-sag & easy to apply for general purpose applications.
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  • K_UNIGUARD_EPOXY_CHEM%20ANCHOR_%282%20Comp%29_%2840_KG%29
    Epoxy Adhesive
    Two-component epoxy product avialable in two grades. HV which is an adhesive with good adhesion on various substrates to bond metals, glass, concrete, ceramics, wood, and many plastics. and LV which is an epoxy anchoring for metal bars in Concrete to transmit structural loads.
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  • 0308010021
    U-Fix AC 40
    A one-component, general purpose, flexible & paintable acrylic joint filler and sealant. can be used internally and externally.
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  • UNIGUARD_U-FIX_SILICONE_A_%28300_gr%29
    U-Fix Silicone A
    One-component acetoxy cure silicone sealant, non-sag & and easy to apply. Used in windows and door frames, kitchen, and bathrooms.
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  • U-fix_PU30
    U-Fix PU 30
    One component highly elastic polyurethane sealant with elongation up to 350% for sealing of control and expansion joints.
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  • U-FIX_60_20Kg
    U-Fix AC 60 filler
    One component, acrylic putty& adhesive for filling joints & gaps, and multi purpose gluing, in internal & external applications.
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