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Abdali Mall

Abdali Mall- Central Market

العبدلي مول- احدى المشاريع التي تم تنفيذها من جوتن ويوني جارد

Client: Abdali Mall Company.

Consultant: Laceco Jordan Architects & Engineers.

Contractor: Habish Deir Contracting Co.

Location: Amman, Jordan.

Starting Date: 2014 .

Completion Date: 2016.

Project Description:

The Abdali Mall- Central Market project in Amman, Jordan, led by the Abdali Mall Company with Laceco Jordan Architects & Engineers as consultants and Habish Deir Contracting Co. as contractors, commenced in 2014 and concluded successfully in 2016.

Jotun & Uniguard, a trusted name in paints and construction Chemcials, played a vital role in this project. Their Fenomastic Emulsion and oil Paint adorned the exterior, ensuring both aesthetics and longevity. Inside, Jotun's Line Marking Paint guided visitors through the mall, while the interiors benefited from the Fenomastic System for pristine looks, and the Jotafloor System provided a durable, appealing floor solution.