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  • UNIGUARD_U-FIX_SILICONE_N_%28300_gr%29
    U-Fix Silicone N
    Odor-free silicon sealant
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  • ADMIX_RD_PLUS_%28200_L%29
    Admix RD Plus
    Water reducer & retarder
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  • ADMIX_AC_%28%20200_L%29
    Admix AX
    Concrete accelerator
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  • u-fix_pu_30
    Uniguard U-Fix PU 30
    Elastic Polyurethane sealant with elongation of up to 800%
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  • ADMIX_SNF_%28200_L%29
    Admix SNF
    SNF high-range water reducer & retarder
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  • ADMIX_LSF_%28200_L%29
    Admix LSF
    Lignosulfonate water reducer & retarder
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  • ADMIX_PC_ULTRA_%28200_L%29
    Admix PC Ultra
    3rd generation Poly-carboxylate high range water reducer & retarder
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  • ADMIX_RD_%28200_L%29
    Admix RD
    Concrete retarder
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    PU Topcoat
    A two-component chemically cured aliphatic polyurethane coating. High performance, non-yellowing, designed to resist chemicals, abrasion, impact, and sun damage. Therefore, it is suitable for many types of floors with different levels of mechanical and chemical exposure. For use as a topcoat in atmospheric environments.
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  • UNIGUARD_U-FIX_SILICONE_A_%28300_gr%29
    U-Fix Silicone A
    General-purpose acetoxy silicone sealant
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  • Uniguard_Bond_Plus
    Admix Bond Plus
    high-performance concrete curing membrane, used in the prevention of water evaporation from concrete surfaces
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    A ready-to-use, water-based bitumen emulsion containing rubber for the protection and damp proofing of concrete and retaining walls. Bituguard forms a highly elastic and durable film that is resistant to mild soil acids and salts present in the soil.
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  • ADMIX_AC_PLUS_%28200_L%29
    Admix AX Plus
    Water reducer & accelerator
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  • Uniguard_Epoxy_SL_15KG
    Epoxy SL C
    A solvent free amine cured epoxy coating. It is a durable and high performance product. Self-levelling epoxy specially designed as a tough heavy-duty coating for the reinforcement and protection of concrete floors. It can be applied at high thickness between 1 and 4mm.
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  • Uniguard_Clear_Sealer_SB_3.2L
    Uniguard Clear Sealer SB
    A penetrating solvent-based sealer with excellent penetration into any cement substrate. The product is versatile as it can be applied as a transparent layer to protect concrete or cement tiles. It can also be used as a primer for water, Solvent-based, and polyurethane coatings.
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    Uniguard PU 1K
    A highly elastic, single component solvent base polyurethane waterproofing membrane. It provides strong adhesion to many types of surfaces. It is based on moisture curing hydrophobic polyurethane resin plus special inorganic fillers, which result in excellent mechanical and chemical resistance properties
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  • UMIMIX_RM_%2825_KG%29
    Unimix RM
    Cementitious repair mortar with superior high build properties, vertical & Overhead
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  • Uniguard_Epoxy_Putty_Finn_10KG
    Epoxy Putty Fine
    A non-shrinking two-component solvent free epoxy putty. Suitable to properly level imperfections on concrete surfaces. It can be troweled on concrete substrates . It cures to a uniform smooth surface ready for over coating.
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    Unimix GR Ultra
    Flexible & pourable grout with superior adhesion to most substrates
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  • ADMIX_SMF_%28200_L%29
    Admix SMF
    SMF high-range water reducer & retarder
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  • K-UNIGUARD_EPOXY_SL_(2 Comp.)_( 15 KG )
    Epoxy SL
    A two component solvent free epoxy used as a primer for epoxy flooring systems. Because of its low viscosity, it is suitable for filling cracks and for strong jointing of concrete sections, can be used for new and old concrete surfaces. The Epoxy SL system is designed to provide continuous protection for floors for medium and heavy-duty applications. It can be applied at high thickness between 50 and 200um.
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