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    2K Slurry
    Two-component flexible cementitious waterproofing slurry, easy to mix & applied with a roller. Withstand positive water pressure up to 7 bar with superior adhesion to all substrates
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    PU 1K
    Highly elastic, single-component aromatic polyurethane waterproofing membrane with strong adhesion to many surfaces and excellent mechanical properties.
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  • Uniguard_Clear_Sealer_SB_3.2L
    Clear Sealer SB
    Solvent-based sealer with excellent penetration, applied as a transparent layer to protect concrete or as a primer for coatings.
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    Unimix SF
    Flexible Superfine & Water-resistant leveling cementitious putty for interior and exterior applications up to 10 mm thicknesses.
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  • UNIMIX_GR_PLUS_( 25 KG )
    Unimix GR Plus
    Non-shrink, Cementitious grout, which is used as a repair of concrete that resists high stresses for gap thickness from 15 mm to 100 mm.
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    Unimix Tile Adhesive C1TE S1
    Polymer-modified, flexible, cementitious, tile adhesive with extended open time used for small format tiles, Porcelain tiles, and submerged applications.
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  • Admix_SMF
    Admix SMF
    Retarding & high-range water reducer admixture based on Sulphonated Melamine Formaldehyde to improve workability.
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  • Admix_RD
    Admix RD
    Retarding admixture extends the initial and final concrete setting time. developed to overcome transportation delays or avoid cold joints.
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  • Admix_AX_Plus
    Admix AX Plus
    Accelerating and water-reducing Admixture for concrete, reducing water without loss of workability, used when there is a need to accelerate the initial hardening.
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  • UMIMIX_RM_%2825_KG%29
    Unimix RM
    high build & high strength fiber-reinforced cementitious repair mortar for structural repairs, suitable for vertical and overhead application.
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  • UNIGUARD_U-FIX_SILICONE_N_%28300_gr%29
    U-Fix Silicone N
    Odor-free, and anti-mold neutral cure silicone sealant. non-sag & easy to apply for general purpose applications.
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  • Uniguard_Epoxy_SL_15KG
    Epoxy SL C
    Colored solvent-free, epoxy self-leveling floor topping. for medium and heavy-duty applications, can be applied at thicknesses up to 4 mm
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  • Uniguard_P_1000_2K
    PU1000 2K
    A two component, fast curing, cold applied polyurea waterprooing membrane
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    Aggregate Ultra Fine
    Graded silica sand filler
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  • Uniguard_Epoxy_Thinner_4_l
    Epoxy Thinner
    Thinner for epoxy paint
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    Unimix Tile Adhesive C2TE
    High-performance cementitious adhesive for submerged conditions with no vertical slip and extended open time
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  • Uniguard_PU_Thinner
    PU Thinner
    Thinner for polyurethane paint
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  • Deep_Clean_SB
    Deep Clean SB
    Color Enhancing Sealer
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  • Admix_LSF
    Admix LSF
    Retarding & Normal water-reducing admixtures based on Lignosulfonate for Improved workability, and where long setting time is required.
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  • Uniguard_Epoxy_Putty_Finn_10KG
    Epoxy Putty Fine
    Solvent-free, two-component fine poresealing and smoothing epoxy repair putty for smoothing, filling pinholes without shrinkage, and sealing prior to topcoats.
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  • Uniguard_Bond_Plus
    Admix Bond Plus
    Concrete curing compound prevents water evaporation from concrete & retains moisture to ensure full hydration.
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    Unimix Water Plug
    A rapid-setting cement-based water-stop mortar for stopping running water leakages in masonry and concrete.
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    Unimix Tile Adhesive C2TE S1
    Improved flexible, cementitious, tile adhesive with high bonding strength for Porcelain, large tiles, natural stone and submerged applications.
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  • Dry_Mix_2
    Dry Mix
    A ready mixed cementitious screed made with selected aggregates, additives, fiber.
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  • Primer_wb_3.2_Litr
    Primer WB
    A general-purpose acrylic primer with excellent coverage, designed for application over a wide range of substrates to improve the adhesion of topcoats.
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  • Admix_SNF
    Admix SNF
    Retarding & high-range water reducer admixture based on Sulfonated naphthalene-formaldehyde to improve workability and increase compressive strength.
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  • admix_PC_ultra
    Admix PC Ultra
    high-range water reducer (superplasticizer) & retarding admixture M232based on polycarboxylic polymers, for producing self-compacting concrete.
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    Aggregate Medium
    Graded silica sand filler
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  • Admix_RD_Plus
    Admix RD Plus
    Retarding & water-reducing admixtures where workability retention or retardation is required to produce high-quality concrete.
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  • Admix_AX
    Admix AX
    Accelerating admixture accelerates the setting time of concrete and increases early compressive strength development without influencing final compressive strength.
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    Aggregate Fine
    Graded silica sand filler
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    Aggregate Coarse
    Non-Slip Aggregate
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    Unimix GR Ultra
    Flexible & pourable grout with superior adhesion to most substrates
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  • K_UNIGUARD_EPOXY_CHEM%20ANCHOR_%282%20Comp%29_%2840_KG%29
    Epoxy Adhesive
    Two-component epoxy product avialable in two grades. HV which is an adhesive with good adhesion on various substrates to bond metals, glass, concrete, ceramics, wood, and many plastics. and LV which is an epoxy anchoring for metal bars in Concrete to transmit structural loads.
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  • UNIGUARD_U-FIX_SILICONE_A_%28300_gr%29
    U-Fix Silicone A
    One-component acetoxy cure silicone sealant, non-sag & and easy to apply. Used in windows and door frames, kitchen, and bathrooms.
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    Unimix Tile Adhesive C1TE
    A cement-based tile adhesive with additives to improve its properties. Suitable for walls and floors for ceramic & small format tiles.
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  • U-fix_PU30
    U-Fix PU 30
    One component highly elastic polyurethane sealant with elongation up to 350% for sealing of control and expansion joints.
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  • UNIMIX_GR_( 10 KG )
    Unimix GR Flow
    general purpose non-shrink cementitious grout, flowable or trowelable consistency for gap thicknesses from 10 mm to 100 mm.
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    PU Topcoat
    Two-component colored aliphatic polyurethane top coat, non-yellowing, designed to resist chemicals, abrasion, impact, and sun damage. aggregate can be 'broadcast' evenly over the surface to make it non slip.
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  • K-UNIGUARD_EPOXY_SL_(2 Comp.)_( 15 KG )
    Epoxy SL
    Clear solvent-free two-component, self-leveling epoxy coating. used as primer & sealer for Resinous flooring systems, and for bonding fresh to hardened concrete.
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    HB Tex
    Water-based textured exterior paint with waterproofing properties reinforced with smooth-up to rough special fillers available in 3 textures.
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    HB Topcoat
    A waterproofing and anti-carbonation acrylic paint, for old and new exterior walls. high adhesion to concrete surfaces which offers long- term protection.
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    Unimix Render Medium
    cement plaster for repairing and smoothing concrete, blockwork, and brickwork. used as a ready plastering system or colored plaster system.
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    Unimix UW
    Fiber reinforced, flexible & crack bridging cementitious repair mortar for wide joints up to 50 mm for both indoor and outdoor applications.
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    Elastomeric, acrylic Waterproofing & protective coating with excellent strength and UV resistance for concrete or metal protection.
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    2K Flexi
    Two-component highly flexible cementitious waterproofing slurry with crack bridging ability. can withstand high positive water pressure up to 7 bar.
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    2K Plus
    Flexible, two-component crack-bridging cementitious waterproofing for positive water pressure up to 7 bar & negative water pressure up to 5 bar. ideal for treating rising dampness.
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  • Uniguard_Clear_Sealer_SB_3.2L
    Clear Sealer WB
    Water-based coating applied as a transparent layer to protect concrete or cement tiles. can be used also as a primer for water-based coating.
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    HB Fiber
    one-component, acrylic waterproofing, UV resistance & fiber-reinforced to enhance the tensile strength to form a tough, and durable layer.
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    A ready-to-use, water-based bitumen emulsion containing rubber for the protection and damp proofing of concrete and retaining walls. Bituguard forms a highly elastic and durable film that is resistant to mild soil acids and salts present in the soil.
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