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concrete admixtures (12 Products)

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  • Admix_SMF
    Admix SMF
    Retarding & high-range water reducer admixture based on Sulphonated Melamine Formaldehyde to improve workability.
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  • Admix_RD
    Admix RD
    Retarding admixture extends the initial and final concrete setting time. developed to overcome transportation delays or avoid cold joints.
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  • Admix_AX_Plus
    Admix AX Plus
    Accelerating and water-reducing Admixture for concrete, reducing water without loss of workability, used when there is a need to accelerate the initial hardening.
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  • Admix_LSF
    Admix LSF
    Retarding & Normal water-reducing admixtures based on Lignosulfonate for Improved workability, and where long setting time is required.
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  • Uniguard_Bond_Plus
    Admix Bond Plus
    Concrete curing compound prevents water evaporation from concrete & retains moisture to ensure full hydration.
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  • Admix_SNF
    Admix SNF
    Retarding & high-range water reducer admixture based on Sulfonated naphthalene-formaldehyde to improve workability and increase compressive strength.
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  • admix_PC_ultra
    Admix PC Ultra
    high-range water reducer (superplasticizer) & retarding admixture M232based on polycarboxylic polymers, for producing self-compacting concrete.
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  • Admix_RD_Plus
    Admix RD Plus
    Retarding & water-reducing admixtures where workability retention or retardation is required to produce high-quality concrete.
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  • Admix_AX
    Admix AX
    Accelerating admixture accelerates the setting time of concrete and increases early compressive strength development without influencing final compressive strength.
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  • SBR_5KG
    Admix SBR
    Aquous dispersion of Styrene-butadiene Rubber copolymer with 10% solids content, used as bonding agent and admixture improves the adhesion and cohesion of concrete & cement mixes.
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    Admix Bond
    Acrylic-based bonding agent for bonding new to old concrete. also, primer for cement-based products shall be applied while still tacky.
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    Admix SBR Plus
    bonding agent and admixture from an aqueous dispersion of Styrene-butadiene Rubber copolymer with high solids content.
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